Artist Statement

I see arts as a visual language to perceive and understand, or to transmit an emotion, idea, or a message; A mean of expression. It is the only language that is comprehensive to all mankind.

In Figurative art: The perception is quite clear to all, but the emotion evoked by it is subjective to each individual.

In Abstract art: As it’s an emotion, or an expression of the mind/sole and it does not relate to anything existing in nature; It’s perception is totally subjective according to each individual’s culture and education.

I see my work as an emotional process that reflects a “figurative/abstract” feeling, an emotion, or an idea. I see it as an expression of my inter sole and mind. In a way my work interprets and reflects who I am, and the way I present it might evoke a similar or a different emotion to others, depending on how they perceived it, and how they relate to it, according to one’s culture and education.


716 Monroe Street NE.
Arts Walk - Studio #12
Washington DC, 20017

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